Human history has always witnessed the rise & fall of world powers as well as domination in the power politics that lasted for decades. The unique dawn of 2020 has not only jolted the whole world but also turned out to be a stimulus that is pointing toward a possible shift in world power politics.

The changing dynamics are visible from the economic woes of today’s world due to the covid-19 pandemic, US evacuation from Afghanistan, rise of one belt one road (OBOR), new middle east politics, and re-alignment of world major powers. All these factors are greatly contributing to the tectonic shift in world power politics.

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has condemned world economies into tatters with its deadly impact on the GDP growth of the world powers such as the US, UK, Germany, and France, etc.  With the pandemic still out of control despite all-out efforts of the whole world, the World Health Organization (WHO) has predicted the containment of the pandemic completely within two years. This worsening situation has severe economic repercussions on the major world powers.

On the other hand, the peaceful evacuation of US forces from Afghanistan with the help of its allies is the only positive development this year that will help in reducing tension in the region. Whereas, on the other side it could leave a political vacuum that can be filled by neighboring powers such as China and Russia. This can turn out to be a deciding factor in the change in world power politics and pave the way for future world order.

Meanwhile, China has set its sight on One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR) and planning to integrate the whole region in order to expand its market not only to Asia and the Middle East but also to Europe. The OBOR project has the potential to create a rippling effect on the economies of the region thus its success can become the missing jigsaw that can open new dimensions in the world power politics.

Recently, Middle East power politics is on a swing once again with the announcement of the UAE-Israel peace agreement which showcases Israel’s diplomatic success and expecting other Arab nations to follow suit. The smart diplomatic success of Israel has not only jolted the already scattered Muslim world but also sowed seeds of polarization in the Muslim world that can lead to the realignment of power blocks of major powers such as the US, China, and Russia.

Last but not the least, China-India spat in the disputed Ladakh region which is considered as the world’s highest region can turn out to be a trigger in the possible brawl between two giants that can lead to a new era of power politics and result in alignment and reshaping of the power politics.

The dynamic and constantly changing circumstances in no time are increasing the importance of this critical turning point in human history that can be remembered as a stimulus of change in the world power politics that has not been seen for a long time.