If you’re a PUBG fanatic, you’re in for some exciting news. VG247 has confirmed that you can now get to play the game at framerates above 30fps for the first time.

According to reports, the first patch for Season 9 has arrived on the PS4 and Xbox One test servers and also includes the new map, Paramo. The exciting new map is more dynamic than any other with changing layout and weather conditions with every match. It also features active lava flows from a volcano that can damage players and vehicles.

In addition to that, what’s even more exciting is that they’ve added support for 60fps, exclusive to consoles. According to VG247, the Framerate Priority option is available on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X currently. This, of course, means that the resolution will drop to 1080p.

PUBG Corp. has also added that it will look into bringing the option to base consoles, though it’s not yet clear how low the resolution would have to be for it.

If all goes well and according to plan in testing, the update should be available for all players next week.

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