The number of people in Japan who are over the age of 100 has increased for the 50th consecutive year and reached over 80,000 according to CNN. This is the greatest increase yet.

According to Japan’s Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, 80,450 people, nearly one in 1,500, is a centenarian.

Far more Japanese women are reaching the age of 100 as women represent 88% of all centenarians in the country. Women’s average age in the country is 87.45 years compared to men’s 81.41.

In 1963, when Japan started tracking the number of citizens over the age of 100, there were only 153. Japan has a rapidly aging society and life expectancy is increasing.

The oldest person in Japan is also the oldest person in the world. Kane Tanaka is 117 years old. Tanaka said that her secrets to a long life include practicing math and eating good food.

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