According to an estimation from TankerTracker, Iran hit a year and a half high oil exports in August despite heavy sanctions from the United States of America.

Iran has exported nearly 1.5 million barrels per day of crude oil and condensate so far in September, Tanker Trackers told Reuters, it would be the highest level of Iranian exports in a year and a half and double the observed exports in August.

Two other tanker firms have also seen a rise in Iranian oil exports up to now in September, not as much as has found, according to Reuters.

Since the US imposed sanctions on Iran’s refining industry and exports in May 2018, the Islamic Republic has been using various tactics to ship crude abroad without being detected. Tankers switching off transponders or documents stating the oil doesn’t originate from Iran.

Iran’s Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh said earlier in the week that “America has waged a war against Iran with no blood,” concerning the sanctions on Iran’s oil.

Iran continues to export oil in dissent of the US sanctions, and it seems to possess recently increased its oil exports despite the actual fact that official figures still put the shipments at very low levels.

For example, China is the world’s largest oil importer which is likely receiving much more oil from Iran than the official figures report, according to various reports.

Iran was exporting a lot more crude oil in the month of August than US figures suggest, as reported by NBC News.

According to the information, Iran was exporting the maximum amount of 600,000 BPD using ship-to-ship transfers with transponders turned off to avoid detection and bypassing the US sanctions.

The daily average number compares with an estimate of 227,000 BPD made in a US Congressional report, Raf Sanchez wrote on Twitter.

US State Department official told the media that last year, the department was tracking ship-to-ship transfers and was working with other governments. The tracking was to ensure such moves that became one of few ways for Iran to still get its crude to foreign markets.

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