Instagram will begin automatically hiding potentially offensive comments as part of its ongoing attempt to address online bullying.

The comments that will be hidden will be similar to those that have been reported by users in the past, the company said. The company said it’s using existing artificial intelligence systems to identify bullying or harassing language in comments.

On Tuesday, Instagram announced it would be testing the feature. The day marks the app’s 10th tenth birthday.
Users will be able to tap View Hidden Comments to see those remarks.

Adam Mosseri has pledged to fight online bullying, who took the helm of Instagram two years ago. Last year, the company rolled out a tool called Restrict.

It allows you to restrict user, meaning that comments on your posts from that person are only visible to them, and not to other people.

It also previously added a feature that lets people know when their comments may be considered offensive before it’s posted. The idea is that it gives the ability to people to pause and reflect.

Since introducing comment warnings, seen significant improvement in people editing or not posting the comment, although it did not elaborate further, Instagram said.

It’s adding an additional warning for people who have posted several comments that could be offensive, Instagram said. The notification prompts them to go back to their comment, otherwise, they could risk consequences such as their comment being hidden or even their account getting deleted.

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