Five senior police officers were suspended in India on Saturday over their handling of an investigation into the gang-rape and murder of a 19-year-old woman that has sparked outrage across the country and triggered days of protests.

The seriously injured teenager from the disadvantaged Dalit caste was found in mid-September outside her village in Uttar Pradesh state and died this week in a New Delhi hospital.

The police have arrested four high-caste men on charges of gang-rape and murder. But the police have faced criticism for cremating the body in the middle of the night — reportedly with the help of some petrol — against the wishes of her family and religious custom.

A senior policeman on Thursday sparked outrage after claiming that a forensic report and an autopsy had shown that the woman had not been raped.

This contradicts statements from the victim and her mother and reported hospital findings while experts said the forensic test take too long after the attack.

Hundreds of police have also blockaded the village, preventing the woman’s family from leaving and journalists and opposition politicians from talking to them.

The family’s mobile phones have also been seized.

The victim’s brother told one Indian news channel that the family was scared for their lives. The local high court has ordered authorities to provide family protection.

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath announced the suspension of the Hathras district police chief and four others late on Friday night.

The Hindu monk announced that the victim’s family, the accused and the suspended policemen would all undergo lie-detector and drug tests.

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