China on Thursday hit out at the United States at a UN meeting over its criticism on the coronavirus, with its representative declaring “Enough is enough!”

After two days, President Donald Trump used his address to the General Assembly to attack China. The Chinses Ambassador criticized the US global role.

“I must say, enough is enough!, You have already created enough troubles for the world”. He addresses a Security Council meeting on global governance through video-conference by different heads of state.

“The US has 7 million confirmed cases and over 2 lakh deaths by now. Why the US turned out to have the most confirmed cases and fatalities with the most advanced medical technologies and system in the world ?” he asked.

“If someone should be held accountable, it should be a number of US politicians themselves.”

Using a phrase often told by US leaders to China, “The US should understand that a superpower should behave like a superpower,” Zhang said,

The US “is completely isolated”. he said.

“It’s time to wake up,” he said in remarks persuasively backed by his Russian counterpart.

Kelly Craft, The US ambassador to the UN, looks angry at the behavior of the session, which was chaired over by Niger’s president, Issoufou Mahamadou.

“You know, shame on each of you. I am astonished and I am disgusted by the content of today’s discussion,” Craft said.
“I am actually really quite ashamed of this Council — members of the Council who took this chance to target political grudges instead of the critical issue at hand. My goodness.”

Trump had demanded action against China for spreading the “plague” of Covid19.
China initially suppressed news of the respiratory illness when it emerged last year in Wuhan and initial advice played down the risks of transmission.

China’s communist leaders have more recently tried to rework the narrative into one of success in stopping the virus.
Trump’s response to the pandemic has emerged as a serious political issue as he seeks a replacement term in November 3 elections.

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